Dodger Leigh


Brooke Leigh Lawson



YouTube Channel(s)

PressHeartToContinue[[1]], DexterityBonus [2]




August 6, 1987 (age 31)



Hair Color

Constantly changing (naturally brunette); Currently natural color

Eye Color



Married to Sam "Strippin" Thorne


(Voice) Actress, Director, YouTuber, Co-Optional Podcast co-host, Polaris member

Brooke Lawson (creator of YouTube channels, PressHeartToContinue and DexterityBonus), widely known by her alias "Dodger Leigh", "PressHeart2Continue", or even "Dex[terity]Bonus", is an actress, model, director, and Co-Optional Podcast co-host.

Appearance Edit

Dodger is a Caucasian woman of fair complexion and blue eyes. She is shown to be somewhat short, with Jesse being over a full head taller than her (TotalBiscuit by extension as well after being shown relatively close to Jesse's height). Her most iconic feature is her hair, which is constantly changing color and style, and on multiple occasions, is rainbow-colored. It is currently a mix of her natural brown hair, and the remnants of the blue dye she previously used.

Personality Edit

Dodger is a very cheerful, "goofy" type of girl. A notable trait is her obsession with (drinking) coffee, having a variety of different coffee mugs. Dodger also has a love of cats. Her sense of humor occasionally carries an adult joke in it, though she will play along with all types of humor.

Relationships Edit

TotalBiscuit Edit

Main article: TotalBiscuit

Her relationship with John Bain can be comparable to Jesse's. During podcasts, Dodger's playfully impish personality acts as a sort of opposite to TotalBiscuit's more reserved attitude. Though frequently annoyed by many of Dodger's comments, especially with the support of Jesse, TB has been shown to treat her with a lot of respect and gratitude.

Jesse Cox (OMFGCata) Edit

Main article: Jesse Cox

Dodger and Jesse Cox can be best described as "partners in crime", sharing similar mindsets and senses of humor, and playing along with each other's jokes. A good way to describe them would be that they are "drift-compatible", literally. The both of them have a clear mutual respect for one another and even demonstrate effective teamwork. Together, unfortunately (or fortunately), they can annoy TotalBiscuit on levels that neither of them can achieve alone.

Trivia Edit

  • She is currently married to Sam "Strippin" Thorne.