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TotalBiscuit, otherwise known as John Bain, was widely considered the UK's #1 Gaming Commentator, as well as YouTube's #1 PC Gaming Critic. He operated 2 Youtube accounts, which are his main account, TotalHalibut, and TotalBiscuit, which consists primarily of Starcraft 2 videos.

TotalBiscuit was the creator of well known gaming videos and series such as WTF is..., The Mailbox, and Terraria, which have been regularly uploaded to his TotalHalibut channel. He also regularly streamed Starcraft 2 in a series called Showcraft (formerly Shoutcraft) and showcasds professional Starcraft 2 matches in a series called Procraft on his TotalBiscuit channel.

As of May 24th, 2018, TotalBiscuit has passed away. May he rest in peace. - Adventuretime1, Wiki Bureaucrat and Admin

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